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Board of the week! #33

Greetings, fellow wave riders!

Welcome to our Board of the Week newsletter, where we unveil remarkable surfboards and introduce you to their masterful creators. This week, we proudly present the Keith Beddoe Longboard, a masterpiece shaped under Keith's label, KB Surfboards. Prepare to be captivated by the artistry and performance of this exceptional board, as well as the fascinating journey of its esteemed shaper, Keith Beddoe.

Board Spotlight: Keith Beddoe Longboard by KB Surfboards

Embark on a remarkable journey with the Keith Beddoe Longboard, a fusion of elegance and performance.

Crafted with meticulous precision, this longboard offers an extraordinary surfing experience. Click here for its specifications.
Brand: KB Surfboards
Shaper: Keith Beddoe
Board Details: Right here

Board Story by Keith Beddoe:

Keith Beddoe, a visionary shaper, brings the Keith Beddoe Longboard to life. Balancing volume for improved wave catching and nose riding without compromising performance, this board is a testament to Keith's expertise. The low rocker entry in the nose area and increased rocker at the tail, combined with the generous hip in the pin tail, ensure effortless turns and optimal maneuverability.

Keith Beddoe's profound love for surfing and shaping has shaped his remarkable journey. As a former "Competition Surfer," he claimed the European Under 18 champion title in 1971. Failing to find the perfect shaper, Keith began shaping his own boards in the late '80s. He honed his skills as the Shadow Shaper at the UK "Bear" surfboard factory and later established KB Surfboards, embracing the resurgence of the Modern Longboard.

Today, Keith focuses on crafting custom orders and shaping boards out of the UK and Jeffreys Bay, South Africa, depending on where he's at. His unwavering dedication to his artistry, exceptional shaping skills and great surfing have earned him respect and recognition in the surfing community.

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The Surf Neutral Team
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