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Board of the week! #32

Yep, we're here again with a new Board of the Week, number 32. 

This week we're presenting a board from WAU ECO Surfboards called the Volcanos. The Volcanos is a hybrid riverboard made for powerful waves with a fish-inspired outline customized especially for river surfing and a winger in the tail area for more agility. The board has a little more volume in the mid-part, combined with a wide outline to provide a constant ride even on stronger waves.

The tail area has some winger to reduce the board's surface and allow for more weight on your back foot without being carried away by the wave.

Shaper: Sebastian & Alex Schwainberger
Board Details: Right here
Model Story: VOLCANO

The board also has a medium rocker going all through the board and on the bottom, a deep single to double concave that pushes you a little above the wave and helps to let the rails cut into the wave for fast turns. The rails are sharp-medium and fit to all styles of turns.

The board featured is a shortboard with a size of 5’5” x 19" x 2 5/16", featuring a diamond tail, thruster fin setup, FCS-compatible fin system, and flax cloth glassing. It has a bio-epoxy resin type, a polished finish, and a clear design type.

WAU ECO Surfboards is a brand founded in 2016, based in Munich, Germany, close to the famous Eisbach wave. The company is passionate about producing eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality products for its customers to enjoy. Every product is handmade with care and knowledge by Alex and Sebastian.
Sebastian is a former architect, passionate surfer, skater, and snowboarder. He is responsible for the design, shapes, sales, social media, and customer service. He started surfing in 2010 and shaping in 2016. Custom models are 100% hand-shaped, and for the repetition work of a model, he uses a machine. He also does his own glassing, and his favourite material is EPS.

Alex is a former constructor in the spacecraft and automotive industry, a passionate surfer, skater, and snowboarder. He takes responsibility for materials, shapes, technical know-how, and special projects.

If you're in or around Munich, be sure to check out WAU ECO Surfboards and their eco-friendly, sustainable, and high-quality surfboards.

They're a bit landlocked but located close to the famous Eisbach-wave where their boards are being ridden day and night like no other. Go check them out!

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