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Board of the week! #9

We have such a weakness for unique surfboards and let the shaper choose to complement them with their personal and unique QR code connecting board, surfer and shaper.

This week's highlighted board is one made by Ben Soto for Soto Surfcraft. Ben is a humble and friendly shaper shaping stunning boards out of Orange County, Ca. since 2020.

Brand: SOTO Surfcraft
Shaper: Ben Soto
Owner: Zach
Model: Suavecito

Board Details: Right here

The Suavecito model is a beautiful midlength surfboard designed with a cruisy pintail that's got your back on those bigger south swells rolling onto the Californian coastlines during spring, summer and fall. 

The client of this board reached out to Ben with the request to make a longboard-like surfboard which needed to be a bit shorter for summer days at trails or when the bigger south swells hit. 

Before glassing, the client came over and set out the flower design as a personal touch. All the flowers were from in and around the client's garden, which is truly unique.
This board number 30 was made as a trade. The client had a semi-started Dewy Webber blank he brought down, which Ben could not resist getting his hands on.

Like most of us, Ben loves surfing, and you can't love surfing without surfboards. Soto Surfcraft is one of those brands that build boards to bring people joy, to help their minds release the stresses of everyday life as they slip over the falls of foam and into the arms of joyous love.

Ben has a great story about his journey. Find out more about him, his brand and his boards here and feel free to connect.
During our California visit in 2022, we had the honour to personally connect with Ben and visit his shaping bay, where he showed us all the ins and outs of his shaping process. Checkout the map on Surf Neutral and pay him a visit when you are in the area. You won't regret it!
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