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Board of the week! #8

This weeks board of the week is a perfect mix between old and new. An immaculate board shaped by Jeffrey's Bay legend Des Sawyer and finished by the 2018 world champion longboarding Steven Sawyer.

The board was made as a contribution to Captain Kai's World, Kai Linder, who created a great surfboard review show called the Regular Guy. Check out the full details below:

Brand: Sawyer Surfboards
Shaper: Des Sawyer & Steven Sawyer
Owner: Kai Linder
Model: Custom

Board Details: Right here
"The Stinger"

Made as a homage to Ben Aipa who originally designed "The Sting" model in 1974. This type of surfboard model turned quicker and rode faster than the conventional models of that time, especially in smaller waves. 

In the 70s this design was part of the shortboard revolution as surfers were starting to compete on a more professional level. Bigger surfers wanted to have the same manoeuvrability as the smaller and lighter surfers. They did not want to be compromised by the smaller weaker waves and found this design as an answer.

Ben Aipa’s Sting coupled just the right features to increase floatation and planing speed, improve manoeuvrability, and add bite to sharper turns.

This particular board is clean as a pin, No writing was applied on the board.

Sawyer surfboards added one of their QR codes on the board offering much more information than the pencil. Personal codes can be downloaded for free by any shaper leading a person to not only the dimensions of the board but also to their profile showing the board portfolio, more information about their brand, some surfer history and even a board review based on models or a unique board. 

Click the picture to view the board scan result and review by "The Regular Guy" literally on the board. 
When a board gets uploaded by the owner, it gets a first location entry. A transfer to and acceptance from the new owner leaves a trace on the board creating surfer and location history. Imagine someone selling you a stolen surfboard. A scan is a simple verification of its true owner.

Check here to find Des and his boards made.
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