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Board of the week! #7

Were you ever surprised by finding waves, a surf shop or even a surfboard shaper in a place where you did not expect it all? We sure did and still do! 

Our board of the week is your classic Bob Simmons-inspired wave vehicle made by Einars who is shaping beautiful pieces of craft from a place we could not even imagine, the Baltic Sea. 

Say what? To be honest, we needed to look where that was by visiting DRTY Boards on Surf Neutral.

Brand: DRTY Boards
Shaper: Einars Landmanis
Owner: Einars Landmanis
Model: Mini SIMMS

Board Details: Right here
After completing the "Kiosk", Eins and friends joined the idea of ​​making surfboards and created the first Drtyboards workshop in Kaltene near Roja.

Kaltene l (2012-2015)
The location of the first workshop was an integral added value, as it took only minutes to get to the Kaltene surfing spot. This feeling that - while making boards, one can look at the forecast at any moment and, if there is a suitable WNW or NE wind direction, quickly get to a surf session at the local spot - was like a confirmation - yes, this way of surfing life is a real thing in Latvia!

They improved the Kaltene workshop with lighting and set up a separate room to work with epoxy and other resin.
Riga II (2015-2018)
To do more work on boards and to reduce the number of trips from Riga to Kalteni, they decided to create a Drtyboards workshop in Riga as well. They found premises in Pārdaugava and created the second version of the workshop - with an even more thoughtful layout to produce their craft.

While shaping the boards in a much more thoughtful environment, it was clear that they could create more complex shaped boards and began to realize more diverse board designs.
Liepāja lll (2018-present)
In 2018, in search of a more peaceful life closer to the sea, Eins moved with his family to Liepāja, where accordingly the third version of the workshop was created - an even more refined environment for higher-quality products. Just like in Kaltene, where the proximity of water and surf spots was an added value, strong waves of the sea are also within reach of the youngest Liepāja workshop.

The most independent surf spots in Latvia are located right on the west coast - in Liepāja and Pāvilosta, which, like the workshop, are available to all water enthusiasts.
Drtyboards has been formed as a local brand of family and friends, behind which currently stands the name and skills of Eins in making boards, keeping the most important thing in the very basics - to have fun, being in balance with yourself on the wave!
It's so easy to get discovered on Surf Neutral. As you can see DRTY Boards surfboards can be found in Latvija with boards spread over the continent of Europe. 
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