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Board of the week! #10

Surf Neutral started with a wild idea to connect the whole surfboard industry allowing surfers to connect with craftsmen or surfboard businesses within the vicinity.

Having our roots in Ostend, Belgium we had to highlight Surfer's Hell for our 10th Board of the week! We first met Oscar back in 2016 on a short visit to our hometown.

Brand: Surfer's Hell
Shaper: Oscar Gonzalez Torres
Owner: To be transferred
Model: El Cederico

Board Details: Right here
"El Cedrico"

This board model is a one-off, as there is nothing more satisfying than shaping your own board. That is exactly what happened here. This mini Simmons-inspired wave toy was the first-time shape for Cederic as part of Surfer's Hell "Make your Own" surfboard experience. We think he did a great job on this little 5'4".

The board is equipped with Wooden Glass on fins and was the first official order from out of Belgium for Surfer's Hell. Oscar wrapped the board with 6+4oz cloth on the deck and a layer of 6oz on the bottom, followed by a shiny polish finish and shipment to the Mediterranean seashore.
After a few years of working in his backyard, Oscar was experimenting with different techniques and materials. He travelled around the world, visiting factories, and shapers all over. After working in the aeroplane and boat industry, he decided to take the experience and started his own surfboard brand in 2010... Surfer's hell.

The name Surfer's Hell came from the reflection that being a surfer in Belgium is really like being in Hell! You want to surf, you pray for even a tiny wave! But the North sea is a capricious woman that only gives you waves when you keep the finger on your surfer pulse... 
Each Shaper can download his personal QR codes on Surf Neutral enabling them to track their surfboards after a surfboard transfer to the surfer. A scan links to the board and te Shapers profile! Check out the short documentary about Surfer's Hell available on all boards having Surfer's Hell QR codes.
When a board goes out of the hand of a shaper, he hardly knows where it ends up. A board scan enables the owner to update its location, creating a personal surfboard history location map. Be aware, travelling boards are very fragile but its cool to see where your boards are hanging out right?
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