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Board of the week! #11

During the harch COVID period, we all needed to put a break on our businesses, in that time, we made it possible for surfboard builders to rent out surfboards craft as a try-and-buy, including insurance offered by our partner Winklecard.

In the past few weeks, we've expanded that feature and made rentals available for businesses and fellow surfers.

The board we would love to try one day is the Daytona Twin by Zen Surfboards. Baptised to our Board of the week number 11. 

Brand: Zen Surfboards
Shaper: Cal Schafer
Owner: To be transferred
Model: Daytona Twin

Board Details: Right here
"Daytona Twin"

A high-performance midlength channel bottom twin fin that can be built from 6'8" up to 7'8", with characteristics such as a low entry rocker, single concave to a slight panel vee in the last third of the board, the driving power section consists of a staggered 4-channel performance bottom with unlimited amounts of speed and bite when push hard. The Daytona Twin a modern performance midlength with flow, drive, and smooth release when you need it.

It is a very versatile and user-friendly board with quite some volume under the chest for easy paddling and standing your ground in busy line ups.
Zen Surfboards blends classic designs with modern refinements to create truly functional performance-oriented surf craft.
Boards are handcrafted with attention to detail throughout the shaping process to insure the highest level of quality from board to board. Zen Surfboards is building boards to enhance, and push your surfing to the next level. Cal offers a variety of shapes, from high-performance shortboards, classic fish outlines, Simmons-inspired alternative shapes, mid-length hull-influenced single fins, to classic gliders and nose riders. Whatever your looking for in your next board connecting with Zen Surfboards will not disappoint. More about Zen Surfboards here.
Many boards have different features, but this channel bottom twin fin has the characteristics of getting that loose feel in the turns while keeping a great amount of drive when the channels are engaged. As such, you still can do many versatile moves on bigger waves.
Meeting Cal last year was a great honour and we can assure you that his factory area is a special place to visit. Get connected and check out his shaping bay in Cardiff, CA
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