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Board of the week! #4

When we say surfboards can talk these days, we mean it!

This is one of the fish surfboards shaped by Gary Ahern (Gaz). A board hand shaped from start to finish.

Gary sent us the tragic story about Liesel. One that gave us goosebumps...

Brand:  ZAG Surfboards
Shaper: Gary Ahern
Surfer: Tristan 🌟
Model: Custom

Board Details: Right here

Gaz was contacted by Tristan, a friend's client that already had one of his early boards. He wanted to pick up surfing again and was craving for a custom ZAG surfboard to do so. Leisel was the name of his partner and the love of his life. Leisel had been the motivator behind him getting back in the water. Tristan returned the favour by booking surf lessons for her so that one day she could join him in the waves.

To build this board, there was lots of consultation on colour and name placement, and with every update of progress, Tristan would get giddy with excitement. The day came for Leisel to be collected, and his smile couldn't be wider! He'd already planned for a second board, one he would order within the month ahead.

Two weeks later, one morning, Gaz received a phone call. "Is this ZAG surfboards?" someone asked.
"Yes it is.", replied Gaz
"We got your name from the QR code on a surfboard, do you know a Tristan?"
Unfortunately, that morning, Tristan entered the water with his Custom Leisel and never came home. First responders called Gaz via the QR code on the surfboard. Gaz helped with the identification of Tristan, followed not long after by police.

ZAG surfboards is the first Australian surfboard builder visible on Surf Neutral, Located on the west coast. Give him a heads-up when you are in the area and check out his unique shaping bay!
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