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Board of the week! #3

It is Surf Neutral mission to let surfboards do the talking and by doing so, let surfers, craftsmen and surf-related businesses easily connect.

One Last wave is one of those surf-related brands that take the word "connecting" to the next level.

Brand:  One Last Wave Project 
Shaper: Levy Surf Designs (LSD)
Surfer: Dan Fisher
Model: Mid-Length Surfboard

Board Details: Right here

Are you a shaper that would like to make this project grow? Let us know here.

The mission of this board is to bring 1908 loved ones out into the ocean to catch one last wave. This board was the third board shaped for the One Last Wave project bringing the healing power of the ocean to grieving families and individuals coping with loss or experiencing hardship. 

This board was made in 2022 and was hand-shaped by Dave Levy from Levy Surf Designs (LSD) in Narragansett, RI, USA. Once the shaping was done, all names were written single-handedly by Dan onto the board. Each name can be viewed here and carries its individual story. The whole process takes about 1.5 months from start to finish.

If you want any of your loved ones added to one of the boards in the future, send an email by doing the following:

1) FIRST and LAST name ONLY or simply a nickname they went by. This will make it easier to fit all the loved ones and give everyone a chance to participate in the project.

2) A brief story about them if you choose but not necessary. It's always nice to hear about the part of the world you are submitting from. 

3) Send to 


Dan is happy to show the boards to anyone visiting Newport, RI. Please reach out via e-mail and you can coordinate with Dan so that you can see them and even take one out for a paddle if you choose.
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