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Board of the week! #25

Hey Surfers,

It's time for Surf Neutral's Board of the Week newsletter! And this week, we're stoked to introduce you to Mike De Heer and his sick kneeboard from Dust Surf.

This kneeboard is the real deal, with sick classic lines and killer performance. It's got a rounded outline with a single winger that ends in a round pin tail. The medium rocker combined with a single to double concave lets you rip from rail to rail with ease. While it can ride small waves, it's an absolute beast in bigger, gnarlier waves where it can stay tucked into the pocket.

Shaper: Mike de Heer
Model: CARC
Board Details: Right here
Let's talk about the specs of this killer kneeboard! It's called the CARC, and it's made with EPS technology, which means it's lightweight, strong, and easy to ride. The board's dimensions are 5’10” x 23 1/4" x 3", and its rounded pin tail gives you tons of control in the water. Plus, it has a 5-fin setup that's FCS 2 compatible, so you can customize your ride exactly how you want it. The board is glassed with 6+6oz top / 6oz bottom Fiber Glass, and it's finished with a water paper finish that looks super slick. Loads of eco-friendly materials and craftsmanship went into making this sweet ride.
The kneeboard is part of Dust Surf's range of eco-friendly surf/kneeboards. Dust Surf started in a garage in Cape Town and is now based in Christchurch, New Zealand. They source top-quality materials worldwide to make their boards strong, lightweight, and super functional. They make traditional surfboards using both PU/PE and EPS and BIO-Epoxy resins, and they know what it takes to make a board that performs the way you need it to.

Mike De Heer is the shaper behind this gnarly kneeboard. He's a Kiwi who's been surfing since '86 and started shaping in 2013. He's inspired by the legends like Patrick Burnett, George Greenough, Bruce Hart & David Parkes. Mike designs all his models in 3D and finishes them by hand. He even does his own glassing, and he's all about that EPS life. Plus, he's a total surfer/kneeboarder at heart, so he knows what it takes to make a board that can handle whatever the ocean throws your way.

So, if you want to get your hands on a board that's built just for you, hit up Mike and get a Dust Surf board. He'll hook you up with the perfect ride.
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