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Board of the week! #24

Hey Crew!

It's time for another edition of Surf Neutral's Board of the Week! And this week, we've got a real treat for all you retro lovers out there. Introducing BOTW 24, the Boogie Slide'n Jive retro fish board handcrafted by the talented Clinton Thompson.

This 5'1" x 21" x 2 1/2" beauty is made from start to finish out of a garage in Jeffreys Bay, using solid 6+6oz fibreglass on both sides and finished with a single colour resin tint. With a classic fishtail and twin fin setup, this board is perfect for small to medium size waves, allowing you to glide and cruise easily.

Shaper: Clinton Thompson
Model: Custom
Board Details: Right here

But what makes this board even more special is the fact that Clinton has also created his own glass on fins! These self-made fins are not only unique to this board, but they're also a testament to Clinton's dedication to his craft.

Now let's talk about the man behind the board. Clinton Thompson, also known as Clint Theron, is a 37-year-old skater, surfer and shaper from South Africa. He started surfing back in 1995 and started shaping in 2001, making anywhere from 20-100 boards throughout his career.

Clinton is a man of few words, but his passion for shaping and surfing is undeniable. He's currently only shaping boards for himself and friends under his label, Boogie Slide'n Jive, which means every board is made from its creator's brain. Clinton is a humble guy who likes to ride his boards to feel how they go, constantly finetuning his creations. And it shows - the boards we've seen from him are absolutely stunning!

If you're ever in Jeffreys Bay, be sure to give Clinton a shout and check out his stock boards. He's recently moved his shaping operation to the Green Room, where he collaborates with other talented creators and craftsmen, allowing him to continue to hone his craft and create unique and high-quality surfboards.

And here's a little secret - Boogie Slide'n Jive boards are one of Surf Neutral's local favourites, so surprise us as we'd love to discover more shapers and surfers uploading their epic boards onto our platform. So come on, don't be shy - show us what you've got and keep surfers digitally connected!
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At Surf Neutral, we are excited to connect with you and our team members, Lesley and Klaas, are always available to join you on your journey. Feel free to send us a message and hang tight for a response.

Thanks, and we'll catch up with you next week!


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