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BOTW 49: A QR code that saved the day!

Gary Ahern, the Shaper Behind ZAG Surfboards 🤙

Gaz is a dedicated and skilled Australian surfboard shaper known for his one-of-a-kind, functional boards. Each board he creates is a masterpiece, crafted with love and passion from start to finish. Gaz's commitment to making custom and unique boards for individuals sets him apart from many others as he personalises each board with a QR code.

The 9'0" Log with a Story 🌊

The featured board of the week, a 9'0" longboard, was initially shaped for his personal quiver. However, fate had different plans when Tiara, a fellow surfer and member of the Surf Neutral community, set her eyes on this remarkable creation. Tiara was so enamoured with the board that she travelled cross-country from Tasmania to get her hands on it. A shared love for this exceptional board brought them together.

Wanna know the board details? click HERE.

The QR Code that Saved the Day 🚀

While on a surf trip, a rather unfortunate incident occurred when the board fell off Tiara's roof. It could have been a heartbreaking moment, but what sets this story apart is the QR code Gaz had added to the board. When the board was found by a kind-hearted stranger, he did what any of us would do in a connected world - he scanned the QR code.

Through the Surf Neutral app, the person who found the board was able to message Tiara. The power of technology had bridged the gap, and what seemed like a lost board became a reunited joy for Tiara. She was delighted and shared her excitement, "I was pretty chuffed it worked out so well, and I got my board back."

Discover More of Gaz's Masterpieces 🏄‍♀️

If you're intrigued by Gaz's unique boards and the incredible story behind them, we encourage you to explore more of his work on the Surf Neutral app HERE. Gaz's boards are more than just surfboards; they're a labor of love. You can expect one pair of hands from start to finish, ensuring you get exactly what you've dreamed of in a surfboard.

Remember, when you're riding a Gaz board, you're not just riding the waves; you're riding a truly unique and personalised piece of craft.

Are you a surfer looking to add a unique touch to your surfboard while ensuring that extra layer of security? You can personalise your surfboard with a unique QR code that links you directly to the board and its creator. To get started, ask your shaper to visit Surf Neutral, where they can download custom QR codes to establish a direct connection between you, your board and the creator. This innovative approach not only adds a personalized touch but also ensures added peace of mind when you've lost your board.
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Team Surf Neutral
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