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Board of the Week: The KARGO by WAU ECO SURFBOARDS

Hey crew,

Meet the KARGO,

Length: 6’2”
Width: 21 5/8"
Thickness: 2 5/8"
Tail: Rounded Pin
Fin Setup: Thruster
Fin Compatibility: FCS 2 Compatible Fins
Materials: Veneer & Recycled EPS
Glass: Flax Cloth with Bio-Epoxy Resin
Finish: Polished

Why the KARGO Rocks
The KARGO by WAU ECO SURFBOARDS is the ultimate all-rounder. Whether you’re just getting started or you've been surfing forever, this board’s got your back. It’s perfect for waves from 2 to 8 feet, so whether it's a mellow day or a bit more intense, you’re covered. The KARGO’s unique V to concave to double concave bottom shape and low rails mean it paddles like a dream, turns on a dime, and rides as smooth as butter.

Eco-Friendly and Awesome
WAU ECO SURFBOARDS isn’t just about killer rides—they’re all about sustainability too. Alex and Sebastian started the brand in 2016 in Munich, Germany, near the famous Eisbach wave. Their mission? Make top-notch, eco-friendly boards. The KARGO is made from Veneer and Recycled EPS and glassed with Flax Cloth and Bio-Epoxy resin. So, you can feel good about your ride being planet-friendly.

Picture this: a cool workshop buzzing with tools, boards everywhere, and surfers hanging out talking about the next big swell. That’s WAU ECO SURFBOARDS. Every board is crafted with passion and care. There is a choice of three different manufacturing lines. Their Premium line is the high-end eco board, the White line and the Basic line. To find out more give them a shout here!
Join the Crew
At Surf Neutral, we’re all about boards that shred and save the planet. Got a KARGO or another great surfboard? Share your pics and stories with us! Let’s show the world how awesome sustainable surfing can be.

Upload your photos and stories today, and let’s ride the wave of sustainability and innovation together! 

Team Surf Neutral
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