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Board of the Week: A Wakesurf Board to Get You in the Green Zone


This week's spotlight on Surf Neutral is a special one. We're featuring a unique and eco-friendly wakesurf board crafted by the talented Einars Landmanis under his label, Drtyboards Surfboards. This board isn't just any board; it's a beautiful piece of craftsmanship that has made its way from the hands of the shaper to the surfer, now enjoyed by Laura Tomina in Switzerland. How do we know? Go check out the board's board blog!
Let's talk about the board itself. It's a wakesurf board with twin fins, measuring 4’2” x 19 1/2" x 1 1/2".

The board has a nicely made Rounded Square tail and is constructed from EPS, glassed with epoxy. The polished finish really lets the vibrant resin swirl stand out, making it not just functional but a piece of art in and out of the water. 
Now, about Einars. He's 40 years old and started surfing in 2011, with his shaping journey beginning a year later in 2012. While he's not a full-time shaper, his passion for the craft is undeniable. He's shaped between 20 and 100 boards, each one 100% hand-shaped, and he even does his own glassing. Einars is inspired by the endless possibilities of board building and loves working with materials like XPS, EPS, and PU.

Einars' commitment to sustainability is evident in his use of Sicomin's Surfclear EVO epoxy, which recently earned Drtyboards the Sustainable Surf label certification. This is a fantastic achievement and a step forward in our shared goal of promoting a more sustainable planet.

The journey from shaper to surfer is a beautiful one, and Laura Tomina from Latvia now rides this finely crafted wakesurf board in Switzerland, enjoying its performance and the care that went into its creation. The polished finish and vibrant resin swirl truly make this board stand out, it for sure made Laura pretty stoked.

We'd love everyone to add surfboards to Surf Neutral and join our growing community. Let's celebrate and preserve the art of surfboard shaping together, digitize and share your boards, just like Einars, on your unique board blog.

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