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Board of the week! #18

Attention all surf enthusiasts!

As board of the week 18, we're introducing one of the newest additions to Levy Surf Designs' collection, a longboard crafted by none other than Rhode Island's local surf legend, David Levy.

With over 50 years of experience catching waves in Narragansett, he knows a thing or two about what makes a board truly rideable. And let us tell you, this longboard is a masterpiece. From its sleek design, the fin set-up to its ability to handle even the gnarliest waves, it's sure to turn heads.

We know you're curious to know more about this amazing surfboard, so read on...

Board Details: Right here
Alright, guys an gals, listen up! We've got some dope info on this longboard that's about to drop.

This baby is 9 feet of pure wave-riding goodness, with a width of 23 inches and a thickness of 3 inches. It's built with PU technology, so you know it's gonna be durable. The tail is a squash tail, which is perfect for those tight turns. And get this, it's got a 5-fin setup, so you can ride it however you want. This board is also rocking a polyester resin with a sanded finish, giving it a super smooth look. As for the design, we're talking a single color resin tint - clean, simple and elegant.

Our boy David Levy at Levy Surf Designs, a 71-year-old surf veteran who's been shredding waves since 1962 and shaping boards since 1970, is a master craftsman who's shaped over 10,000 boards. Not only is he a full-time shaper, but he's also got some serious skills when it comes to glassing.

His favorite material to work with is PU, but he's also got experience with epoxy. David's shaping style is unique, he designs all his models in 3D and finish them by hand to ensure maximum performance. He's inspired by the change of surfboard style from longboard to shortboard and he wants to make the perfect shortboard for everyone. All of his boards are tested in Rhode Island and around the world, so you know they can handle any wave you throw at them. Plus, if you ever need a ding repair, LSD got you covered.
Whether you're looking for a high-performance shortboard, a twinzer fish, a fun board, or a longboard nose-rider, David can handcraft a board that's perfect for the waves you ride and the way you ride them. So what are you waiting for?
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