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Board of the week! #15

Surfboards have many different stories, and our passion is to share them! Somehow we think that the creator of this one loves Sushi!¬†ūü§Ē

The board of the week number 15 is made for a local Sushi Bar in Belgium close to this longtime surfer and shaper Luc Paccou, who designs unique boards for his own label Continuum planks.
Brand: Continuum Planks
Shaper: Luc Paccou
Owner: Takai Sushi
Model: Flying Fish

Board Details: Right here

This board is not your traditional fish surfboard.  Looking at the board pictures, a surfer would think this is a longboard right? Not with this one. 

Luc's Flying Fish model is a shortboard made with deep concave madness in the bottom and made as a north sea experiment to surf the more messy waves rolling onto the Belgium coastline.
As the board was made for Takai Sushi, Luc added a great twist in the handmade fins that match the board. Each fin is made from recycled chopsticks giving it a great and unique look. 

The bronzer three fin set up in combination with the deep concave is made to direct the water flow efficiently reducing the drag of the board in the weaker waves.
shaper of continuum planks with one big mission. Connecting people with the joy and the energy of surfing through craft. Surfing in Belgium is not always the easiest and requires different equipment. Luc knows all about this as he is surfing those waves since 1993. He loves to share his knowledge on board building and created "Natural Born Makers", an initiative for the surfer to build his own surfboard. 

Luc is very environmentally conscious and works with materials that do not harm our mother planet or at least have little impact on pollution. Shout out to this shaper/coach if you are in Belgium. Let him create your next surfboard or make one your own and get his assistance.
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