About Us

After traveling the world and eventually dropping anchor in Jeffrey's Bay, South Africa in 2017, we found it rather difficult to locate local surfboard shapers... this needed to change.

We decided to build a platform to provide a free dedicated page for each shaper to become visible to all visitors and potential customers... Thus Surf Neutral was created.

By optionally laminating a simple QR code into each board, and loading pictures and details of models and boards onto their dedicated page, shapers will become visible to all who visit Surf Neutral.

By simply scanning a QR code with a cell phone, the surfer will see the information and location of that board, right down to information and the location of the shaper.

Surfboards can also be rented out through the Surf Neutral platform with optional damage insurance available as well.

As a shaper simply create a profile on Surf Neutral and become visible to the world. We at Surf Neutral are dedicated to leading surfers to shapers world-wide and look forward to you loading your first board with us!

Lesley & Klaas

Contact Us

If you would like to learn more please contact us on info@surfneutral.com.