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Board of the week! #42

Meet the Board: Riding for Maria

Kelly's not just any surfer; he's the GOAT! And he's given us a chance to make a difference. His personal surfboard, designed by Tokoro Surfboards and signed by Kelly himself, is hitting the auction block. The goal? To support Maria and her family during her battle with cancer.

This isn't just any surfboard – it's a symbol of hope. Crafted with care by Tokoro, this board has been shaped to perfection. With a classic round tail, a versatile 5-fin setup, and compatibility with the FCS 2 system, it's a dream for any surfer to get their hands on.

The clear design lets you admire the craftsmanship and view Kelly's signature. This board isn't just a piece of gear; it's a piece of Kelly's heart and soul, measuring 5’9” x 18 1/2" x 2 3/16".

Bid & Ride the Wave of Kindness

To get your hand on this board, you can place a bid on THIS Instagram post created by @funkt_mgmt

  • Starting Bid: $900
  • Min. Bid Increase: $100
  • Auction Kickoff: August 4, 12:20 pm PDT
  • Last Call: August 14, 12:20 pm PDT (With a 10-minute grace for last bids!)

You know what's cool? You can make a direct impact with a $25k bid or even aim higher at $25000.01! It's all about making waves of love for Maria's family. 💛

Rules for the bidding:

  • Each new bid needs a fresh comment, not a reply. Keep it clear and easy for everyone.
  • The winning bid doesn't cover shipping. The winner handles shipping costs.
  • You've got 24 hours to settle up after winning. Can't? The board's off to the next bidder!
  • Bid amounts? All in USD. If you're outside the US, we'll convert it fair and square.
Brand: Tokoro Surfboards
Board Details: Right here
Bidding by: Funkt MGMT

Tokoro Touch: Crafted with Care

This board comes from Tokoro, a big name in the surf scene. Crafted with care by Wade Tokoro, these boards are trusted by pros like Seth Moniz and Jamie O’Brien. From small swells to big breaks, Tokoro's got you covered.

Let's show Maria and her fam some love! Keep an eye on the auction and ride the wave of generosity.

And hey, speaking of waves, we're excited to introduce our newest features! Need a hand showcasing your boards on your website or want to spruce up your existing one? Let's get those boards selling like hotcakes. Just hit the button below!

Once again, big thanks for being part of our surfing tribe. You're the reason Surf Neutral is the ultimate go-to for wave enthusiasts. Keep the stoke high, those waves rolling, and the adventures never-ending! 🌊🤙

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