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Make money by renting boards and digitize your craft to track it
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Configure each board with its own specification.
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Add, edit & explain your models and speed up the add board process.
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View your order list and get your customized board order form.
Add board pictures, movie & story and digitize them with a downloadable QR code.
Build your rental section
Rent out stock boards for surfers to try & buy.
Transfer board
Build a surfer and location history for each of your boards.
Ensure your rentals
Choose to ensure your rental boards with a click. More...
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As a surfer
Find your favourite shapers and try out their boards on location
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Browse boards and check out the specs, pictures & story. Browse...
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Search shapers worldwide and browse their boards, brand & bio. Browse...
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Accept board transfers to expand your quiver.
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Capture the board location & surfer legacy and continue its journey.
Try & buy
Search for rentals, travel light and ride local boards. Browse...
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Visit boards & brands and start chatting with their creators.
Ensure your rental
Cover the shaper against your dings and ensure your rental. More...
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